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The value of our services

Use our services and:

  • Save time and effort in finding what's available in Greece. Even if we don't personally know of something, we'll take the time to find it for you.
  • Use a second opinion on what you're looking for, in terms of Hotels, tours and activities, throughout the country, from a credible source, who cares of its reputations.
  • Have tour companies compete for the best price of the tour package that you created, as we'll apply our price comparison for you, that will help you decide on a sensible choice.

We don't sell any Travel Goods, or act on behalf of any tour company, or Hotel, but we independently provide our expert opinion and are willing to help you create the tour package that better meets your needs.

A Plan 2 Go Fee of $200 will be applied in advance, for the total amount of time, our expert opinion, the use of our booking engine and our dedicated effort, to help you create and purchase your ideal Tour Package.

A release period of six months, will be offered free of charge, in order for our clients to try our services.

During the release period, we will be entitled to collect our fees, by the tour companies and the suppliers where you will purchase your vacation package from. However, our fees in this case, will not add any extra weight on the final cost of your vacation, what so ever.

Please note that all free of charge services will be processed upon availability, but no matter what, you will be notified for the time of our first appointment, upon the receipt of your trip request.

For cases of clients that would require for their priority, our Plan 2 Go Fee would have to be paid in advance.

Travel to Greece with the support of an independent and dedicated travel consultant. Your Personal Travel Consultant.